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Friday, January 23, 2009

I will be in a new show with a group of all Los Angeles artists as a part of an amazing music, art and fashion festival. It will take place on January 23 in Barcelona Spain at Atticus Gallery :) and continue on display for about a month. If you are in the city, you should check it out! For more information please go to http://nobodywalksinla2009.blogspot.com/. <3


'Nobody Walks in LA' opens this Friday
curated by DailyduJour

Los Angeles is starting to be referred to as the new center of the art world. In the emerging contemporary art scene, LA certainly is making a claim for that title. With some of the most talked about artists, and some of the most exciting art enclaves - the city that was known for being devoid of culture is now flourishing like never before.

With that in mind, DailyD is curating its first show, and taking it on the road to Barcelona! With over 25 artists including:

Joe Ledbetter, Amanda Visell, Yoskay Yamamoto, KMNDZ, Mike Shinoda, David Flores and more.

You can view the work online at Atticus Gallery

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