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I love to create things and draw magic :).

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Growth We Grew

Here is a good picture of the new painting I did for my sister's wedding present. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Way Gold Falls.

I will be having my next solo show at Copro Nason in December (actual date to be announced). Here is a glimpse of one of the pieces I did for the show. The show will be themed around the idea of gold. Enjoy!

Footage from The Human Pyramids Artist Collective

Thanks for everyone for coming out to the Human Pyramids Show. It was a wonderful time. Full of friends and new friends. Brian Ill of Crystal Cove Media made this awesome video of the festivities. Thank you Brian, it looks great!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Human Pyramids Artist Collective Show.

I will be part of a great show coming up at Ghetto Gloss Gallery. I am part of an artist collective called Human Pyramids. It's filled with wonderful artists with great spirits and a great drive to share their art making lives with the world.


Straight from the good people at GHETTOGLOSS:

The Human Pyramids Artist Collective is an international group of friends with a shared impetus for art and design. The collective is comprised of painters, illustrators, designers, film makers, and photographers, from countries such as Switzerland, Japan, France, The United States, Brazil, Sweden, England, and Mexico. Members regularly collaborate on group shows and a multitude of creative endeavors which can result in scrupulous harmony or projected chaos.

Teddy Kelly
Hovin Wang
Tiffany Liu
The Love Movement
Claudia Marclay
John Mitchell
Noel Ill
Mari Araki
Ana Bagayan
Philip Evans
Soy Panday
Steven Burke
Teri Hendrich
Ben Brough
Nick Jensen
Karen Jonz