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Friday, February 06, 2009

My piece for Nobody Walks in LA

Recently, I have been thinking about money a lot. The way the economy is going now a days, there is no questioning why. Like any good consumer, I need it, and desire it. My days are spent hunting for bargains, paying bills, and waiting for checks to come in. Money has given me a roof over my head, food in my mouth and most importantly, security. I honor money for its ability to make my life more convenient. On the flip side, it has also become something that I abhor. It has given me countless days of anxiety, depression, and suffering. It has hurt my friends and my family. It has done a lot of bad things to me. Money is my steadfast friend, but also my steadfast enemy. I can't rid myself of it nor do I want to because honestly, it makes me feel invincible. Money today has become power. With money, man has elevated to the position of super hero-dom. Putting out fires, saving lives, and solving problems in daily life is nothing with the great power of old Benji Franky by ones side. As with most great stories of super heros though, this seemingly invincible and powerful exterior is not without its weaknesses and dangers. There is not one super hero that I know of that doesn't have kryptonites and villains that could potentially lead them to ruins. However, one big difference between super heros and some of the very rich is that Mr. Money man's ruin has a higher likely hood of ruining everything else. The idea that these pieces of paper and round metal objects could hold such power really intrigues me and sort of scares me.

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